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5th January 12

And here’s Andrew Miller talking about tonight’s Secret Circle episode, “Darkness”.


3rd November 11

Andrew Miller talks Secret Circle Episode 8 “Beneath”


27th October 11
Andrew Miller talks Secret Circle Episode 7 "Masked"

"I wouldn’t want to stick around with these people [laughs]. These are not a good group of kids to hang with. They’re kind of tied to each other, which is the bad part. They all come from these broken homes, these fragmented families because of this history, and they come together not by blood in a way but by choice. Because they’re linked, they create their own family."

24th October 11

Andrew Miller, on the characters of Secret Circle


20th October 11

Secret Circle 1.06 “Wake” Preview with Andrew Miller :)

"Just watched 5 grown women cry while watching Chris Zylka utter 4 words in dailies."

20th October 11

Andrew Miller, via Twitter

"His episode on Thursday is pretty amazing to watch. Gale, obviously, is such a gifted actor. What’s so great about having guys that can play this wide range of emotions is that you just want to give them a ton to do."

20th October 11

Andrew Miller on what Nick’s death means for Charles. (via istepoutoftheordinary)

(via galeharolds)

Andrew Miller tells Hollywood Reporter that the Secret Circle death was supposed to happen earlier in the season

19th October 11


Miller stated, “Our initial plan was to do it earlier, but we liked him so much that — and we liked his and Melissa’s relationship — we felt like we could take it a little bit further, so that it ended up being five episodes instead of less.”


"The window across from Cassie’s house is going to be new and improved!"

18th October 11

Andrew Miller, on Jake


"He’s the last guy they want to be part of that, because everyone hates him. He grew up with them and left a few years ago, and just kind of left an emotional bomb before he tore out of town. They don’t want him to be part of the circle in any way, so he may be the key to empowering them, or he may be the very thing that destroys them."

18th October 11

Andrew Miller, on Jake’s arrival on Secret Circle


18th October 11
2 Interviews with Andrew Miller about that huge Secret Circle Episode 5 Spoiler

I didn’t quote them here because of the HUGE Episode 5 Spoiler - so do not read if you haven’t seen Slither!

13th October 11

Andrew Miller talks Secret Circle Episode 5 “Slither”


6th October 11
Kevin Williamson and Andrew Miller talk Secret Circle 1.04 "Heather"
21st September 11
Free Secret Circle Theme Ringtone

Writer/co-Exec Prod. Andrew Miller tweeted about this one - you can get the Secret Circle Theme song for your ringtone for free here. Obviously, check out the fine print before you download, but at first glance it looks above board.


22nd May 11
To Watch 'Imaginary Bitches' Online

You can watch Andrew Miller’s (Secret Circle Executive Producer) web series at the above link.